About the trip…



The Masten’s and Weiser’s Adventure to
England (Guernsey Island) • Ireland • Scotland • France

Well, we’re off again. This trip promises to be a lot of fun for the four of us, Roger, Barbara, Phil and Janice.
We must give Phil the nod for finding a remarkable cruise that checks many of our ‘bucket list’ locations for world travel. Our thoughts, at first, were to try the land tour approach as we’d done on our last trip to Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. As we considered the hassles with rental cars between the countries of Britain, we decided letting a big beautiful ship drop us in a different port every day was just fine. (Hope our “bucket” won’t be needed as we sail on the Royal Princess!)
The cruise itinerary is packed with many stops and a host of excursions. We have booked some ship excursions, but we’ll venture out on our own; hoping we’re savvy enough to make arrangements and get ourselves together. Our trip plans include:
  • Air transport from Columbus to London (Heathrow) with a short connection stop in Detroit.
  • Wednesday, August 29 • Arrive via transport to Southampton, England to board the Royal Princess
  • Thursday, August 30 • Guernsey (Channel Islands) St. Peter’s Port, England
  • Friday, August 31 • Cork, Ireland
  • Saturday, September 1 • Dublin, Ireland
  • Sunday, September 2 • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Monday, September 3 • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Tuesday, September 4 • A day at sea (to celebrate Roger’s birthday!) 
  • Wednesday, September 5 • Orkney Islands (Kirkwall), Scotland
  • Thursday, September 6 • Invergordon, Scotland
  • Friday, September 7 • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Saturday, September 8 • A day at sea (aww!, no birthday to celebrate!)
  • Sunday, September 9 • La Havre, France
  • Monday, September 10 • Southampton, England
As you see, we’re going to be very busy. Details of the itinerary locations will let you know what we’re doing daily.  We hope you’ll follow our travels as we post pictures and descriptions of our adventure. Check us out daily beginning August 28th.

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