St. Peter Port, Guernsey (8-30-18)


What a wonderful day we had exploring this delightful island in the English Channel. This post will be short as internet access is very limited at present. The pictures above are just a few of many. Barbara is holding a land mine salvaged from the coast of Guernsey after the German’s occupation of World War II. Guernsey and it’s sister island, Jersey, we’re the only British lands to be held by the Third Richt. Our 1954 retro tour bus was such a fun way to travel. We stopped by the ‘Little Chapel’ grotto covered with chards of China and porcelain.

Embark Southampton, England (8-29-18)

Passports out and our landing cards in hand, we traversed the maze of lines to have our passports checked and tWell the adventure has begun. After a slight delay leaving Columbus, we endured a 30 minute flight to Detroit in a stifling hot Delta commuter “cigar” airplane. To our delight, the Detroit airport had refreshingly cool air conditioning and a Mediterranean café next to our departure gate, so we had appetizers and beverages, of course.

Our Delta, flight #16, boarded right on time, we got settled and pushed away from the gate on schedule. Nothing much exciting happened over the course of our seven hour flight and landed just a few minutes late because they didn’t have a gate ready for us.

Passports in hand, we followed a never ending line of travelers through the UK boarder, then claimed our luggage. The Royal Princess representatives were there to meet us as we were assigned a bus for transport to the ship in Southampton. Not wanting to go hungry while on the bus we stocked up on sandwiches, snacks and canned Gin and Tonics to go!