Cork, Ireland (8-31-18)

The Royal Princess docked in the port of Cobh (sounds like ‘Cove’) early this morning for our drive through Cork and a direct hit on our target, Waterford and Lismore. After a quick breakfast, we caught up with our group to board the bus to Waterford.

Cobh, as a port city, has a fascinating history.  More than 4 million emigrated from here, some of the first to arrive at New York’s Ellis Island.  Cobh was also the port which launched the ill fated Louisitania and maiden voyage of the Titanic!

Waterford is about an hour and a half drive north of port.  The Irish mist found us early and stayed with us most of the day. What would Ireland be without rain?

We were dropped off in front of the Waterford showroom and factory, which is quite impressive. The tour, after a well planned introduction, took us on a very up close and personal step-by-step process of making this famous and most beautiful crystal.

The pictures attached give and idea of some of the highlights. The tour ends, of course, in the showroom where customers, like us,  can browse and consider the sound of a draining credit card!! After the tour we had time to have lunch at a local pub before heading to Lismore.

Lismore was a relief spot on our way back to port. A quaint little town with a castle and town park. The locals were very friendly, especially at a well placed pub which served Guinness and well-flavored tonic water.

We returned to the ship in time for dinner, a trivia game show and Irish music in the central piazza.

More tomorrow, as we move on to Dublin (Ireland, that is!)—

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